The Story

I have been in Customer service and sales since 1992, when I was hired as a sales rep for Canadian Linen Supply; it was at that job where I truly learned how to sell the products and services I believed in.

I was promoted to a sales trainer several years later where I was asked to teach the customer service skills I had leaned in the field to my peers, I was finally in a job I loved. That romance lasted only for a year and a half

As the bureaucracy got to the place where it took the fun out of what I did.  In 2001 I opened up my own Uniform Company called Bulls-Eye Uniforms Canada, my Wife Grace and I build that together over the next four years to over a thousand customers strong.

One day my brother in law told me about catalytic converters and how simple his life was, oh how I longed for that simple life, as we had created a busy complicated uniform company that ate up all our time and attention.  I then began to investigate this converter business and learned all I could about these parts from sources like the internet and through phone conversations with large US processors.

We were convinced that there was a need for a local processor who could bring clarity and integrity to this industry that was plagued with cloudiness and uncertainty, and that we did. The climb was slow; the cost of educating ourselves was great

But we persisted and CCON Metals was forged, with the addition of Carlo Carbone in 2005 we began to form a bigger picture and build a processing facility to better service our growing client base. Other metals were added, other key staff were hired

More machinery was built, more infrastructure was created and we began to take center stage as a world class metal processing facility right here in the heart of Abbotsford, little by little, day by day has always been my motto.