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CCON Revolution App

Get a quick and easy catalytic converter value assessment & real market prices at your fingertips

The CCON Revolution app makes it easy to gain insight into catalytic converter values, catalogue your inventory, track shipments, and manage employees, giving you a complete solution in one program.

Get Real Market Prices & Earn More For Your Converters

Our Database & App Features Will Revolutionize the Way Catalytic Converters are Bought & Sold

The CCON Revolution app allows users to quickly access a comprehensive database that features thousands of catalytic converters and prices. With all this information in the palm of your hand, you can receive a quick and easy value assessment, allowing you to make an informed purchase or sale every time. Ask us how you can join and benefit from the Revolution app today.

We give you the tools you need to maximize your catalytic converter profits

ccon revolution app

As Western Canada’s largest catalytic converter processor, we eliminate the middleman by teaching you the true value of your converters.

Simply enter the serial number or look up the unit by vehicle manufacturer to get an accurate value for your catalytic converters. The benefit of this feature is that you get paid exactly what the app indicates, not a value on a range.

In addition to transparent pricing, our team is standing by to assist anytime. If you cannot locate a code or need help assessing a massive batch of converters, we will help you understand what your metals are worth and simplify your transaction.

Our “Live Assist” Feature Allows for Real-Time Assistance from Our Catalytic Converter Experts

By accessing the “live assist” module on the app, you can receive real-time help when buying or pricing a unit. Whether you are unsure of the grade or need help locating a code, our experienced team is standing by to help you.

Simply send a photo of the unit through the app to get a real-time “safe” grade directly from our converter grading specialists. With our live assist feature, you can expect:

dual function invoice

Dual Function Invoicing Provides You And Your Clients Access to Essential Invoice Details

The CCON Revolution app offers a unique, dual-function invoicing option, which provides you and/or your clients with a detailed invoice that features information on the serial number, manufacturer, size, and body style.

These details will appear on each transaction when you sell catalytic converters to CCON Metals, ensuring that you always have the information you need for accurate cataloguing.

Get An Exclusive Price-Lock Guarantee To Protect Yourself From Market Price Volatility

At CCON Metals, we know how volatile market pricing can be. That is why the Revolution app features a price-lock guarantee. Once you tap the “ship” button and send your shipment, the pricing for your catalytic converter is locked in until it arrives at our dock. This ensures that you are getting paid the amount you expect every time you ship catalytic converters to us.

track profitability

Keep your client's history & information secure

When it comes to client information, security is crucial. That is why the CCON Revolution app is designed to keep a secure list of clients, their pertinent information, and order history in your hands, minimizing the risk of data loss or theft.


Track profitability, manage admin access, and much more

With the CCON Revolution app, it has never been easier to track profitability, manage admin access, and manage shipments at multiple locations.

Within the app, the administrator can assign specific privileges for each location’s staff via three role assignments: manager, supervisor, and grader.


In addition to staff management, the app also gives the administrator clear oversight of all physical locations.

This is accomplished by managing and tracking profitability, viewing invoices, and analyzing shipments at each location.

Sell Your Metals For More & Get Access To Innovative Tools. Join the CCON Revolution!