Reconditioned Batteries


We offer a full selection of Fully Reconditioned Automotive, RV, Marine and Light Equipment Batteries. 24, 36 and 48 Volt in Stock! All of our batteries come with an industry leading 2 Year Warranty. 90% Rated Capacity + Fully Rebuilt + Best Warranty in The Industry. Nationwide Shipping Available.

Our reconditioned batteries start at $29.99

Worry Free Battery Plans
CCON Recon offers the best full coverage battery plans available in the Lower Mainland of BC. When purchasing a reconditioned battery ask us about the warranty plans we have available. Don't worry about the battery life again, purchase the warranty plan and let us take care of you. At CCon Recon, we do batteries right. Contact us at for more details!

Don't buy new when you can save hundreds $$$ from CCon-Recon!