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The CCON Revolution app is a unique solution that allows users to gain accurate insights into catalytic converter values and to catalogue their inventory.

With our app, you will know exactly how much your metals are worth at any given time.

When you use the CCON Revolution app, you can expect to be paid precisely what the app indicates instead of a range, eliminating all guesswork and uncertainty.

We also provide real-time assistance through our “live-assist” module, ensuring that you always have the information you need to make a confident purchase or sale.

Ask us how you can join and benefit from the Revolution app today.

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Catalytic Converter Assay Services

CCON Metals strives to provide an unmatched catalytic converter purchasing experience.

CCON Metals is proud to offer comprehensive assay and refining services for all types of catalytic converters.

By utilizing our state-of-the-art lab equipment, we can perform all de-canning, recycling, and waste disposal tasks associated with assaying and refining your metals.

Whether you have a large batch of converters or need to have a single converter assayed, we will provide you with an accurate and transparent price for your materials.

Upon completion of this assessment, we then provide you with a simple invoice that details the dollar/pound rate of the precious metals contained within your catalyst.

used batteries

Buy and Sell Automotive Batteries

We Buy & Sell New & Used Batteries 100% Hassle Free

If you are looking to buy new or used batteries, CCON can help.

We offer exceptional service to ensure that you are getting the best solution for your needs and budget.

Each of our new and used batteries are also put through a series of extensive testing to make sure that they are suitable for operation, allowing you to buy with peace of mind.

In addition to our selection of batteries for sale, we are one of Western Canada’s bulk purchasers of automotive, forklift, UPS, powersport, hybrid, and various other specialty items.

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